You want a change?

Great! Then let us get started together with an individual 1:1 training session.

After eight weeks of individual and intensive CHANGE-IT-NOW personal training, you will rediscover yourself and feel like a new person!

Your functional CHANGE-IT-NOW training just for you, face to face.

So that you can go through life fitter and happier again, we will achieve your goals together with a training and nutrition plan created especially for you.

Experience your own transformation in just 8 weeks with 100% satisfaction guarantee!

How we achieve your goals together

Improvement of your physical constitution and condition

Weight loss and muscle building

Increase fitness and mobility

Posture correction and pain prevention

Elaboration of your own nutrition plan without annoying calorie counting

Your personal training consists of
from the following four units

We pick you up where you are right now!

The CHANGE-IT-NOW training is directly adapted to your needs.

A complete training with well thought-out complex movement sequences and use of all muscle groups for a self-confident body feeling!

A nutrition concept adapted to your everyday life

We design your own nutrition plan that will support you on the way to your goal. Without annoying calorie counting you will massively improve your physical condition, because a balanced and vitamin-rich diet is the basis for our CHANGE-IT-NOW power training.

Improvement of your health situation

More energy in everyday life

Disease prevention

Increase of the well-being

Everything around your training

Where do you train?

The CHANGE-IT-NOW training is a classic outdoor training that takes place either in the park, sports stadium or in the forest.

In exceptional cases, we switch to indoor solutions.

How often do you train?

Your training takes place twice a week in the form of a double lesson (90 minutes).

The dates will be coordinated with you and are basically also possible on the weekend.

What do I need to bring to the training?

Bring comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing and something to drink to your workout.

What does it cost?

The cost of your training sessions will be agreed with you personally.

Horst Menzel


After many years of experience in the management sector as a managing director and mental coach, I decided years ago to use my expertise and motivational strength and to pass it on individually to help people to fundamentally change their lives for the better and to significantly improve their physical and mental condition. Our clients include salaried employees, board members, civil servants as well as self-employed entrepreneurs and artists from all walks of life.

We are looking forward to you!

Are you interested in a non-binding consultation? Let us clarify together what your goals and wishes are. Write us or call us at +49 170 2751224.

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    2x per week you train individually.
    90 minutes of power 1:1 training.
    Fit in 8 weeks.
    100% like-a-new-human-feeling ;-).